Scott's Weekly Column

Smoke Alarms save lives

As a landlord I cannot over emphasise the importance of having a proper preventative maintenance routine for your properties smoke alarms.

Apart from the emotional and financial costs associated with a fire in an investment property there can be serious consequences with your insurance claim if your smoke alarms are not regularly checked for a range of compliance issues and to make sure they are working properly.

Although property managers will regularly check that they are working by doing a “push test” they are not licensed to check for compliance of the alarm itself.

There are a number of professional smoke alarm companies who will do regular checks and complete maintenance required of the alarm unit itself.

The annual cost is approximately $100 per year or o.28c per day to have this service.

Imagine the emotional anguish a landlord would suffer if someone was seriously injured or worse and it was found that there was a smoke alarm at the property that was out of date or faulty. For peace of mind alone I feel this is a service every landlord should have in place.

For more advice on the importance of smoke alarms  in your investment property why not pick up the phone and talk to one of our professional property managers at our Coffs Harbour or Sawtell offices. Their advice is free but the consequences of not having a proper management plan for your property and its smoke alarms could cost you $$$thousands.

Have a great weekend!