Scott's Weekly Column

What Commission should you pay?

When selling your home there are many choices to make around the time of year, what price and which agent to choose etc. Many home owners are in the fortunate position of having an agent that they have used before who they trust and know that they will always have their best interests at heart. Other home owners will want to “shop around” and interview a number of agents to test their knowledge, professionalism etc. Inevitably there will always be a conversation around what commission will I pay and what will I get for my money?

At Nolan Partners we offer a fully flexible commission and marketing packages. Each owner will have different thoughts on how they want their property promoted , how far they would like the marketing projected, into which markets and what type of selling method to use. Every property is different, every owners expectations are different and therefore its important that we offer enough flexibility to ensure we can cater for each and every property and owner.

Typically commissions can be an all up rate including some marketing, flat percentage commission or dollar rate, incentive based or performance based.

Its important to fully understand your options and pick the commission and marketing package that best suits your property and your personal needs.

To obtain a free market appraisal on your home and discuss how our fully flexible commission rate options work just pick up the phone and talk to one of our professional sales team at our Coffs harbour or Sawtell offices today!     

Have a great weekend!