Scott's Weekly Column

Why use a Real Estate Agent?

Nowadays there are a lot of “Do it yourself” or “Budget” real estate agents popping up. So, the question becomes when selling your own property why not do it yourself or use a discounter and save a bit of money?

Let me use an analogy to better explain why I believe you should always use a real estate professional if you want best possible marketing and the maximum price possible for your home.

Imagine you have a badly decayed tooth that needs removing. You have three options: -

1)    Do it yourself- Cheapest option however this comes with a lot of danger, you’re not a professional and don’t know what you’re doing. You might get the job done but do you really want to do it? Are you really that brave? Will it be the best job?

2)    Use a friend or a friend of a friend expert “tooth extractor” who used to work in a dental surgery – Eventually with enough string and door slamming or plenty of excavation with a lump hammer and a self-styled chisel they will get the job done, you might endure a lot of pain, you`ll probably spill plenty of blood but they don’t care they just want a result and I assure you they will get some sort of a result but you may not like it. They may even want a small “payment in kind” for taking the time to utilise their “professionalism.

3)    Use a properly qualified professional dentist- Most expensive option but definitely the best outcome!

It’s your choice on how you sell your home but before you make a decision why not talk to one of the professional sales team at Nolan Partners today. I guarantee they`ll get you a great result without all the pain and suffering!


Have a great weekend!