Scott's Weekly Column


I`m sure by now everyone has seen the promotions about the Coffs running festival which is coming up on the 3rd September. If you haven’t started training its not too late! When you think about it preparing and running in a half marathon has a lot of similarities with real estate.

To complete a half marathon in good time you need to, have the right equipment, plan your training, nutrition, race day strategy and deal with injuries and setbacks along the way.

Similarly when you decide to sell a property you need to research, interview and select an agent (trainer), ensure your property is presented in its best possible light (nutrition), have the property professionally marketed across all mediums (strategy) and deal with adversities as they occur.

The point is just about anyone could wake up and complete the 21km half marathon course if they walked and had all day to do it, just like anyone (or any agent) can sell a property for a cheap price.

To run half marathon in a good time or sell a property for its maximum price it takes a lot of hard work and planning, and if you cut corners you will either fail or produce a poor result.

If you want to learn how to run a marathon talk to a running coach, but if you want to sell your property for its best possible price talk to one of the highly trained sales team at Nolan Partners.  And remember – There’s an event in the running festival for everyone so get out and enjoy our beautiful creek walk and botanic gardens!

Have a great weekend!