Scott's Weekly Column

Better Marketing = Better Price

When you list your property for sale it is important to remember that you are actually entering a competition. Your property will be competing with properties that are similarly priced and/or in a similar location with similar features. For your property to sell before the competition it needs to be either one of two things, “the cheapest” or the “best marketed” property.

After nearly 30 years in real restate I have not met anyone who wanted to sell their property “cheap”. Therefore, the best way to ensure you are getting the maximum price for your property is to have it “stand out from the crowd”.

It is a proven fact that properties which have better marketing see more buyers, this results in more feedback, therefore when you are contemplating offers you can be confident that you have tested the market, seen as many buyers as possible and received all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Our aim at Nolan Partners is to make your property “stand out.” Our marketing is targeted at attracting not just as many qualified buyers as possible, but, more importantly, the best buyer who will pay the best price! If we do this you will never be left wondering if you could have done better.

The team at Nolan’s are constantly implementing new ideas and new technology to stay ahead of the competition.

If you want the best possible price for your property just pick up the phone and call one of our award winning sales team, I guarantee you won`t be disappointed !

Have a great weekend!