Scott's Weekly Column


During the past 29 years that I have worked in the Coffs Coast Real Estate Industry I have been constantly amazed by the number of new agents or agencies who claim to have found ‘the silver bullet’ to real estate sales success!

The simple fact is that real estate is about relationship building, strong marketing, industry knowledge and hard work. Discount agents and agencies have failed numerous times over the years by trying to offer a ‘discount fee’ and still get the same result as a full service agency. Let me explain it this way, our job as a real estate professional, is to get you, ‘our client’ the best possible price for your home. We do this by providing (and paying for) the following services:

1)    A high profile office and visible window display easily accessed by the public

2)    Large full colour advertisements in the local Advocate Property Week

3)    Priority placement on the largest real estate websites in Australia

4)    Saturday open house and private inspections

5)    A highly trained sales team who attend regular structured training and learning programs

6)    Qualified administration and support teams conversant with Conveyancing, Data basing, social media and up to date marketing strategies.

The above items are just some of the essential services which a modern agency must provide to ensure they are attracting the right buyers for your home. By eliminating any of these services you run the risk of missing the best buyer for your home!

Put simply, a discount fee means a discount service which may lead to a discount price! Remember the words of your grandparents ‘If it sounds too good to be true it must be’ and ‘you get what you pay for’.

For a full rundown on the difference between a full service Real Estate Agency and a discount agency why not contact one of the Nolan & Partners team today. No hassles, no obligations just good honest real estate advice.

Have a great weekend!