Scott's Weekly Column

Climate Change vs. Real Estate

With all the talk about climate change over the past few years I thought it might be fun to take a light-hearted look at the effects this may have on our Coffs Coast lifestyle if it eventuates!

One of the climate change predictions is that sea levels will rise by as much as 1metre by the turn of the century. This is obviously a major concern for those properties which will be inundated with sea water, however, on the flip side if your property sits just above this level you could potentially own a waterfront home, therefore increasing its value enormously!

Another prediction is that the average temperature will rise by up to 2 degrees on the Coffs Coast. This means our average summer temperature will rise from 28 to 30 degrees and our winter temp from 18 to 20 degrees. This will result in longer summers, shorter winters and if you are the lucky owner of a new waterfront home, (due to rising sea levels) more sunny days to enjoy your ocean front living!

The third prediction is that the hotter climate will lead to crop failures creating food shortages. Therefore there will be less food to eat which will result in less overweight people therefore helping to solve our obesity problem! More of us will then be able to enjoy longer summers in our new ocean front homes with leaner, meaner bodies!

After reviewing these predictions, we now have to decide if climate change is a good thing or a bad thing for our local real estate market?

I`ll let you be the judge!

Have a great weekend!