Scott's Weekly Column

Shares vs Real Estate

The turbulent times experienced by the share market over the past few days has highlighted once again the security of investing in bricks and mortar.

Whilst it is smart practice to ensure that your investments are spread over shares, property and cash there is no doubt that for long term investor’s real estate presents a lot less stress than the share market.

One factor to consider with share investing is that the future growth and success of listed companies depends largely on the decisions made by management, executives and directors. As a shareholder you do not get a say in the running of your investment.

With real estate investment the owner enjoys a great deal more control. As the owner you get to choose your own Property Manager (which can be easily changed if not satisfied), you also got a say in tenant selection, improvements to the property etc.

Whilst prices may have steadied in the past few months the big plus for the investors in the property market has been the continued strong rental market. Rents have risen sharply in the major cities with local demand for quality properties in good locations continuing to rise.   

At Nolan Partners we have a variety of existing and off-the-plan properties which will prove to be excellent long term investments. For more information on any of these properties or for a free market appraisal on your home or investment property contact one of the friendly award winning Nolan Partners team today.

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