Scott's Weekly Column

30 years and still going strong!

Next week marks my 30th anniversary working in the local real estate industry.

When I sat down and thought about the past 30 years I was amazed at the number of changes that have occurred in personnel, marketing and technology during that time.

I first started working for Lochie & Marianne Cameron in the little “A” frame building at Park Beach where we are now selling the exciting new “Seashells” project. At the time there were a lot of long term agents who seemed to have been in the local industry forever. Agents such as Bruce Hopkins, Bill Mulholland, Mike Moppet, Alan Mitchell, Michael Barnes and Roger Pryce as well as many others I have forgotten were the leading names around town.

Marketing consisted of a window card in the front window and advertising was in the classified section of Wednesday’s local “Opinion” newspaper. Ideas such as “Open houses” were just emerging and if you did run an ad with a photograph it had to be in black and white because that’s all the newspaper was printed in!

No doubt the biggest change has been in technology.

The internet did not exist therefore neither did Facebook, Google, Instagram, nor did iPhones or iPads. Terminology has changed too, “Windows” were part of your house, Tablets” were something you put in your mouth when you got sick, “Web” was something spiders made and a “Cloud” was a white fluffy thing in the sky!

Obviously, all the improvements and inventions in marketing and technology have opened up our local market to a worldwide audience and real estate has never been more exciting and I am enjoying it now more than ever. However even with all these amazing changes it is interesting to note that we were able to sell just as many properties in 1988 as we do today!


Have a great weekend!