Scott's Weekly Column

Ethics in real estate

When selling most home owners will interview a number of agents and ask questions relating to past sales success, pricing and marketing strategies. Whilst they are all extremely important questions I feel that they are far less important than asking your potential selling agent to provide a list of their current and most recent clients so that you can contact them to see how the agent really performs.

Many real estate agents will tell you how great they are, however if you get a chance to talk to their clients you might get a different picture. As we all know, talk is cheap and some agents are very good talkers yet their clients will tell you the real story.

Another question you should ask is whether the agent is a member of the Real Estate Institute of NSW. The reason for asking for this is that all members of the Institute are bound by the REINSW Code of Practice, which is a code of ethics and standards by which all members must operate.

Unfortunately, a number of the Coffs Coast agencies are not members of the REINSW and therefore, not bound by its code of ethics. The cost of being a member is minimal therefore if an agent has chosen not to become a member and be bound by a code of ethics you should ask them, why?

If you would like to view the REINSW Code of Practice or check out which of the Coffs Coasts agents are members of the REINSW simply log onto  

Selling your home is an important decision, so do your homework and use someone you can really trust to do the right thing by you, and your property!

Have a great weekend!