Scott's Weekly Column

Words really do matter!

Why is it that some agents get better responses to newspaper and digital marketing than others? The answer to this is very simple, the top agents believe “what is said about a property and how it is said really matters”.

Many agents are happy to provide a ‘shopping list’ of features without telling the real story about a property. How that story is told can have a huge impact on how many purchasers view a home and in particular how they perceive it. Ultimately more buyers create more competition resulting in the best possible price for your property.

A couple of years ago, I saw a YouTube video that illustrates how the power of words can radically change a message. In this video a blind man is sitting with his cup and a sign asking for help. The man sat there for hours and occasionally someone would throw a few coins his way. After a while a lady stopped in front of him, picked up his sign and without saying anything wrote a new message, replaced the sign and walked away. Instantly, every person who passed by placed coins and notes in the blind mans cup until it was overflowing!

About an hour later the lady returned, the blind man recognizing the sound of her shoes asked “what did you do to my sign?” the lady replied, “I simply said what you said but in a different way, your message read “I’m blind can you help?” and I simply changed it to “it’s a beautiful day but I can’t see it”.

Language is a powerful tool, make sure your agent is using it to the best advantage for your property!

Have a great weekend.