Scott's Weekly Column

Penthouses have changed!

It’s fascinating to look into our history and see how our living styles and preferences have changed over the centuries. One example of this is how the penthouse level in residential buildings has changed. Prior to the invention of elevators or lifts the first floor above street level of any building was considered the penthouse!

The reason, living on street level was to be avoided due to noise, smells and vagabonds. With no lifts in buildings, the upper levels of buildings required the home owners or occupiers to climb many sets of stairs just to access their home. In addition to this the cooking and heating methods of the time meant the risk of fire was high and it was far quicker to exit the building from the first floor than higher floors. In the event that you were forced to jump from the balcony due to fire then the risk of injury or even death increased the higher you went up in the building! Hence the first floor was always occupied by the wealthy and the rich and famous of the time and considered the “Penthouse “level.

Obviously in modern times we have seen the penthouses moved to the top levels of our buildings where they enjoy the best views and are designed for those fortunate enough to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.

The superb new “Seashells” development at 123 Park Beach Road is due for completion in early June and includes some of the most luxurious penthouses ever to be offered on the Coffs Coast.  Situated on levels 10 and 11 the Penthouses and double storey “Sky homes” will redefine luxury living on the Coffs Coast. With over 85% of the building now sold, time is running out to secure your new beachside apartment or luxury penthouse. For details on available penthouses and apartments simply log onto or give me a call today.

Have a great weekend!