Scott's Weekly Column

Can buyers find your property?

With over 86% of buyers choosing the internet as their initial tool to investigate buying a new property it`s important to understand why being “front and centre” on the biggest real estate website is imperative when your property is first listed for sale.

Research shows that 53% of buyers will not search beyond the first page. They will choose the homes that best suit their needs from the first or maybe second page and inspect these homes. If they find something they like they will buy it and are out of the market.

When you list your home for sale the only way to guarantee that your home appears on page 1 of is to choose an agent that can offer you a “premiere” property placement. Premiere Property guarantees you prime position, the largest ad, and is designed to move your property faster and at a higher value. As new properties are added your property may drop to page 2 ,3 or 4 however, a premiere listing property will “refresh” every 15 days back to the top of page 1.

If you log onto the suburb of Coffs Harbour on you will see that the first two pages (40 Listings) are Premiere Property listings so any property that is not listed in this manner is seeing a lot less buyers in the market place.

For more information on why the internet is so important in todays real estate marketing contact one of our award winning team of agents today.

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