Scott's Weekly Column

Exciting future for Property Management

Last week I was fortunate enough to attend a national property management “think tank” with the owners of some of the industries leading property management companies, real estate industry leaders and professionals.

As well as giving me the opportunity to rub shoulders with other property management professionals from around the country and learn from some of Australia’s best property management coaches I was able to attend the “trade show” of the latest new computer systems, ideas, technologies and management systems for property management offices of the future.

It’s absolutely fascinating how quickly the industry is changing and how through the use of technology we can connect with landlords and tenants instantly with real time data and feedback, market direct to a targeted group of tenants at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods, and complete tasks in a minimal time frame compared to the past.

There was also a fascinating session on how the world will look in 20 years’ time. Traditional jobs and the way we do everything from the way we shop to transport to staying in touch with family and friends will be different. If you don`t believe me then contemplate this: the internet is only 25 years old, Google 20 years, Facebook 14 years, twitter 11 years and Instagram 7 years!

The future will be exciting and if you’re looking for a young, up to date, dynamic team to manage your property then pick up the phone and call us today!