Scott's Weekly Column

Too good to be true

As our market returns to more normal conditions and listings become a little tighter we have started to see a few of the old real estate tricks emerge from desperate or poor agents.

Below are a few of the lines our potential clients have heard from these poor performers over the past few weeks: -

1. Agent- “I have a buyer for your property and they`ll only buy through me!”

An oldie that has been disproved a thousand times. If a buyer wants to view your home and its listed by “the man in the moon” then they`ll fly to the moon to arrange an inspection! You want the best buyer to buy your home not the only buyer that an agent has!  

2. Agent- “I`m looking to buy in this area”

Red flashing lights everywhere! Most of the time they are simply trying to get you to sign an agency and once they’ve looked through they`ll decide it doesn’t suit their own family but try and convince you to leave the listing with them.

3. Agent- “I don’t need a contract to show the buyer through, I`ll just say we`re coming around for coffee”.

If you offer a property for sale without a proper contract for sale in place its quite simple, it’s a $22,000 fine for the agent and a $2200 fine for the owner. Why list with an agent that is so blatantly willing to break the law and put you at financial risk?

Fortunately, there are only a small number of agents in the industry that regularly indulge in these practises but unfortunately it tarnishes the image of the whole industry. Selling your family home is one of the biggest decisions you will ever have to make, ensure you engage the best agent with the best reputation not the first person that knocks on your door.

Remember “If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!”

Have a great weekend!