Scott's Weekly Column

Home Selling vs Horse Racing

With excitement building towards next Thursdays Coffs Cup I got to thinking how there are many similarities between being a top grade racehorse trainer and a top real estate agent.

With a racehorse you can do all the right preparation, tick all the boxes in relation to feed, exercise, physio etc engage the best jockey and come race day something goes wrong and you don’t get the result you were hoping for. In real estate a property can be presented perfectly, it can be priced to the market, promoted through every available avenue and come the first advertisement and open house you don’t get the right buyer.

So what do you do? Good racehorse trainers will try a gear change, maybe change a jockey or try some other tactic to try and improve the horse’s performance, they understand if they do nothing then they`ll most likely get the same result next time. In real estate it amazes me how some agents will just continue down the same path week in and week out changing nothing but hoping to get a different result. At Nolan Partners, its different, each week as a team we discuss every property, we reassess every part of the advertising and marketing, suggest new ideas, make adjustments where necessary, constantly review the market and most importantly liaise with our owners until the right buyer is found and the property is sold for the highest possible price!

If you are looking for a real estate agent that won`t rest until they get the best possible price for your property then make sure you contact one of the hardworking, innovative, award winning sales team at Nolan Partners today !

Have a great weekend!