Scott's Weekly Column


An Inspirational story –
In 1986 Peter Davies was on holiday in Kenya. During a hike through the bush he came across a young bull elephant with one leg raised in the air. The elephant was distressed and Peter approached it very carefully. On inspection Peter found that the elephant had a large stick embedded in its’ foot. As carefully as he could Peter used his knife to remove the piece of wood, after which the elephant gingerly put its’ foot down. The elephant turned and faced Peter, looked curiously at him, raised its’ trunk and trumpeted loudly before turning and walking away. Peter never forgot that elephant or the events of that day.

Twenty years later Peter was walking through the Chicago Zoo. As he approached the elephant enclosure a large bull elephant walked towards him, raised its’ foot and put it down a number of times, looked at Peter and trumpeted loudly, all the time looking straight at Peter.

Peter remembering the 1986 encounter could not help wondering if it was the same elephant. Peter summoned his courage climbed over the fence (despite the warnings) and into the enclosure and stared at the elephant. The elephant trumpeted again, wrapped its’ trunk around Peter raised him in the air and……(let’s just say it wasn’t a good ending for Peter!)  The lesson being it looked like the same elephant but it wasn`t!

When choosing a real estate agent some people believe all agents are the same, and regardless of who they choose they will get the same result. In fact nothing could be further from the truth. There are layers and layers of differences between the top performing agencies and the others. If you want an agency with a proven track record over many years in the local market and a reputation you can trust then choose Nolan Partners, however, if you want to take a risk then there is always the option of taking a chance and jumping the fence!

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