Scott's Weekly Column

ATO is watching you!

The ATO has announced that it will be launching a data-matching program to pick up those who leave out rental income and overclaim deductions on short term holiday letting properties.

The increased scrutiny of short-term holiday rentals, according to assistant ATO commissioner Kath Anderson, comes following the availability of short-term holiday rentals exploding in the online space.

The ATO plans to match the data provided by online rental platforms and their related financial institutions with ATO records to find landlords who are ignoring the appropriate checks, such as registration, reporting, lodgement payment obligations, income received per listing, listing dates, inquiry and booking rates and prices quotes and charged per night.

“We are increasingly using data and technology, to identify any missing income in your tax returns. This data will also identify taxpayers who use sharing economy rental platforms to list a property that is not genuinely available for rent to claim unwarranted deductions. There is no high-tech hideaway for rental income,” Ms Anderson said.

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