Why Choose Nolans

Your investment property is much more than a piece of real estate. It might be your retirement nest egg, your children's education or the financial freedom to realise your lifelong dreams.

Why Choose Nolan Partners To Manage Your Investment?

Other than the purchase of your family home, the purchase of an investment property is one of the most major financial decisions you'll make, so choosing the right agent to manage your valued investment is crucial.

At Nolan Partners, we understand how to achieve maximum return on your investment in any market while providing the reliable, stress-free management that our landlords demand. It's our job to handle every aspect of management of your property so that you don't need to give it a second thought.

Our rent portfolio is 'organically grown' we don't purchase rent rolls. Nolan Partners Property Management is about quality not quantity.

Here at Nolan Partners our rental properties are held in the same high regard as sales listings: with internal and external photography, copy writing, open house inspections, email alert to data base of registered potential tenants, Nolan Partners signage, upload to three websites and access to our internal professional marketing team.