Need to Know

Nolan and Partners are committed to providing a service of unrivalled quality whilst maximising the sale price of your property. On the way to achieving a great result there are a number of things you will need to consider.

When is the best time to sell?

Conventional wisdom has long suggested the warmer months are the prime time to sell. However while the market may be busiest during peak season, other times of the year can be just as successful. The state of the market and your personal circumstances are prime considerations. The features of your property can also be important. A Northerly aspect can be a prime attraction in winter, while a great swimming pool area or ocean views may stand out in spring.

If you are considering selling and aren't quite sure when to make the move, speak to one of Nolan Partners experienced agents who can help devise a plan of action appropriate for you and your property.

How to interview and appoint an agent

Appointing the right agent to handle the sale of your property, can certainly make a big difference to the sale price achieved. Here at Nolan Partners, we suggest interviewing your agents using the questions below.

These twelve questions will assist you to 'interview' agents and ensure that you are confident in your decision that you have appointed the best.

  • How long have you been selling real estate?
  • How many properties have you sold in the last 12 months?
  • From what advertising sources do the majority of local home buyers come?
  • Approximately how many purchasers do you have on your database for my property?
  • What internet sites will my property be promoted on?
  • If I were to auction what is your agency's percentage, over the last 6 months, of properties sold
    a) prior to auction?
    b) under the hammer?
    c) after auction?
  • What is the percentage variation between what your properties have been listed for and what they have actually sold for?
  • What is your agency's average length of time from the first marketing activity to the sale?
  • What is the length of your agency agreement?
  • Do you provide a Service Guarantee if I am not happy?
  • If I am not happy with your service what remedies do I have?
  • Why should I appoint you as my selling agent?

Decide on the most suitable method of sale for you

Before putting your home on the market you will need to consider which method of sale is most appropriate for your property and which is likely to achieve the best results.

Private Treaty

Private Treaty sales can be highly effective when used in the right situation and handled correctly. This method involves quoting a price at the commencement of marketing, normally with a certain allowance for negotiation. Establishing the correct price is critical as a price set too high will lead to a lack of interest and a protracted sale, while a price set too low will not maximise your return.


Sale by public auction makes use of competitive forces to deliver a price above what might otherwise be achieved. When preceded by a well planned marketing campaign, auctions can create a sense of urgency amongst buyers, build competition and ultimately raise the price. Advantages of an auction are that you're in control of the sales terms, you have the security of your confidential reserve price and the sale is legally binding once the hammer falls. You also have the option of selling your property prior to auction should an appropriate offer be received.

Have your contract of sale prepared

In NSW you must make the contract available before the property can be offered for sale. A sale contract is prepared by a solicitor or conveyancer. If the property is currently leased, advise your solicitor of the expiry dates and conditions. You must also note inclusions - standard items are light fittings, floor coverings and window dressings.

Additionally useful attachments could copies of surveys, building certificates from council approving any building works you have undertaken, warranty documents etc. Owner builders note that you will require Home Owners Warranty Insurance if selling within 7 years of completion.

Consider your marketing campaign

When your property comes onto the market it doesn't come on in fact it is in competition with many other properties vying for the attention of potential buyers. At Nolan Partners we believe it is essential that your property competes extremely well and that it receives more than its fair share of buyer enquiry. Nolan Partners quality marketing can make the difference. It's important to have a well-planned campaign that gives you maximum impact. Our agents will sit down, discuss your needs and provide a comprehensive marketing plan designed to achieve the maximum price for your property.

For added exposure we also list all properties on major real estate portals,, and