Selling Tips

Consult Your Nolan and Partners Agent

A trained eye can help you enhance the value and saleability of your home.

First Impressions Are Lasting

An inviting exterior ensures inspections of the interior. Keep the lawn trimmed and edged and the yard tidy.

A Sparkling Home Attracts Buyers

Give it a thorough clean and you'll greatly enhance its appeal to buyers.

Repairs Can Make A Huge Difference

It is easy to overlook loose knobs, sticking windows and squeaking doors when we live in a home but these liitle things are obvious to buyers and can detract from the homes value.

The Kitchen

A clean well decorated kitchen adds great appeal to the buyers. Try to see it through the eyes of a newcomer.

Check The Bathrooms

Like kitchens, bathrooms are one of the key rooms to the house. Bright, clean bathrooms add great saleability and value to a home.

Fix Those Taps

Dripping water discolours sinks and draws attention to plumbing. Often it may just be a case of replacing worn washers.

Make Cupboards Look Bigger

Neat, uncluttered cupboards give the illusion of ample storage.

From Top To Bottom

Display to full advantage the value of your garage, spare room or office by removing all unnecessary articles.

Can You See The Light?

Illumination is like a welcome sign to prospective buyers. Open blinds and curtains and for evening viewings use lighting to its full advantage to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Smell The Coffee

Pleasant aromas make buyers feel welcome and comfortable, which is a great start.

Fresh Flowers

It may be cliched, but they do create a wonderful atmosphere and help stylize a room.

We Love Pets, But

Not everyone does.....your pet can sometimes be an unwelcome intrusion to the buyer intent on inspecting their possible home of the future.


Should a prospective buyer come to your door, direct them to your Nolan and Partners agent.

Three's A Crowd

If possible try not to be present during inspections. Potential buyers sometimes feel uneasy about exploring a home when the owner is present...just as owners can feel uncomfortable having people scrutinize their home.